• 4,735
    Number of security incidents
    in 2018
  • 276days
    Average number of days
    it takes to detect a security intrusion
  • 93%
    Percentage of incidents
    that take longer than
    11 days to sanitize

Neutralize attacks in 0.1 seconds

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The Key to the Future of Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Framework issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Recognizing the national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable function of critical infrastructure, the President issued Executive Order (EO) 13636, "Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity", in February 2013.


Framework Core

The Core is a set of desired cybersecurity activities and outcomes comprosied of the following 5 functions.

Cyber Security Framework

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry updatded their security guidelines (Nov 16th 2017)

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated in recent years and defending against these attacks have been ever increasingly difficult. It's not uncommon that an intruder or tampering will go unnoticed until it is far too late. Realizing that defense solutions are not sufficient to hinder attacks, the update to the guideline placed a heavy emphasis on the following functions: "detect", "respond", and "recover".


"Sec. 5, Systematizing Cyber Security Risk Management" now includes "intrusion detection" as a new security risk management structure. "Sec. 8, Incident Damage Control & Recovery Maintenance Protocol" now includes "How to recover from a Cyber Attack" Note: For details, refer to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's official news page.

PCI DSS・FISC Compliance

Implementing WebARGUS covers the 11.5 compliance for PCI DSS and FISC's
"Standard for cyber security safety of financial and other solutions"
which ensures a security compliance targetted at companies and services that use card transactions.

  • 2018.7.2

    WebARGUS Enterprise Edition Version 1.1.0 released

    We have released WebARGUS Enterprise Edition Version 1.1.0, which had many requests from users, strengthened management functions, strengthened linkage functions with other systems, and revamped UI.

  • 2018.5.1

    New Web Site of WebARGUS

    We've renewed the WebARGUS OFFICIL Web Site